Friday, 8 August 2008

He.. His Mustache

I’m definitely the kind who would tell my friends, "Grow a mustache and I would never been seen in public with you” or even worse ..horrid..disgusting..Only perverts and cops..gross..really creepy hetero. I’m no Tamizh ponnu in this. Yes, I do understand that men consider that a mustache compliments their masculinity and rugged look. But I tend to think they look either like a greasy child molester or a painfully ironic hipster. And making it easy this mouth accessory doesn’t need any cost and effort at all. Stop shaving and the rest of the world will take care of it.

And from where I come, they take so much pride in having one. But to me and a pool of women out there concealing the area between the nose and mouth with tawny hair, Big no. Okay, a goatee (sometimes sloppy) or a 5’o clock shadow is just acceptable.

PS: If my man would be reading this anytime in the future… A costume mustache (as in the picture) is the most you can think of.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Colored chicks

Was googling up for something and this image got me nostalgic. No it’s not Photoshoped. I remember when I was about 9 -10 yrs old, we used to have vendors selling these colored chicks crowded in baskets during summer. If I’m not wrong I remember those costing ten rupees a pair. We never used to be found of the typical pets, cats and dogs (I still am not) but always loved having an aquarium and growing these colored chickens, thou the dye never used to last more than a couple of weeks, if they ever lived that long. But what I used to believe then was they were dyed when they were about to be sold, but actually a non toxic dye is injected into the eggs before they are hatched which causes their downs to be colored. Have to admit, I did a lot of begging to get them then. And here, you get colored baby chicks (even colored bunnies) sold during Easter for kids. Would love to have them again, but where do I grow them …my bath tub or oven??

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