Saturday, 10 February 2007

Yayyy... It snowed !!!

It actually snowed in bradford... just arnd a coupla inches.. but my first kinda enjoyed it.. d weather is kinda erratic..suddenly my comforter becomes my first love.. feel like havin mugs of coffee ..!! ..i doubt if i'll find snow any interesting frm now on.. but my weekend is screwed for sure...

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Mahatma Gandhi ...errr...Shilpa Shetty.... !!!

UK buses are no better than our desi travels ....i was completely absorbed in boredom.. and here comes my friend from Sudan..(err... with a strong smell of red bull... and more cans of red bull ..again) . very generously offering me one, started the conversation..

My friend: Can i guess ur age ??

Me: mmmm.. yeaa

My friend: 23 ..

Me: Nope... ( Do i look so old !!??!!)

My friend: 21 !!??

Me: yepp

( and now my turn to guess obviously)

Me: U must be arnd 26-28 .

My friend: Correct... U intelligent -- Indian -- Shilpa Shetty ...

Me: errrr.... (Smiling) So u watch Big brother..

My friend: Yea for Shilpa.. She is crazy -- beautiful-- female..

Me: (nodding)

My friend: Shilpa - win-- Big brother... beautiful--intelligent-- kind hearted-- help-- like MAHATMA GANDHI ...

Me: Did u say MAHATMA GANDHI ??!!! ( Confused ..)

( Couldnt stop laughing ..)

My friend: yes -- MAHATMA GANDHI-- Good heart..Africa come help-- non violence...

(He went on..)

Suddenly it looked like he knew more of indian history than me.. thanks to Lage Raho Munna Bhai..helping me make the conversation..after hours of conversation about the world , Indian marriages, Bollywood, Sudan, Jade goodie and.. obviously our very own Shilpa Shetty :)...
I was left thinking about how a one month stint, out-of-the-blue win in a reality show and a row of racist bullying attacks has opened more vistas with international headlines, film offers and endorsements than her 10 yr old film career ever did and more importantly highlighted the issue of racism in Britain wid huge support from Asian and African countries...Thankyou Shilpa....(err...Mahatma Gandhi)...

Friday, 19 January 2007

Here i goooo....

Me and these personal journals are utter failure !!!.. every year i try getting a so called (best)diary from daddy.. but invariably turns out into a rough note or something :D
There wasnt enuf self drive and motivation from my lazy self to start this up...
lets see if this "e-avtar" is any motivation at all ...n HERE I GOOO...