Sunday, 30 March 2008

Its not all that bad.. live in London.

Its Sunday. Slept like a log. Brunch. Call amma and appa. laundry. more laundry. Long Shower. networking.. Bored again. Youtube. Extremely bored now..sleep.

Its 7 PM. I walk out. Quiet stroll. Grab some chicken n chips. Settle near the football ground. Enjoying my independence,my chicken and myself.

I hate to accept that I'm lonely here. But this is definitely letting me know myself better. Loving all this freedom. Not that i was questioned back home. I had ample freedom. But this is definitely a different kind. Doing random things i never thought i would ever do alone. Either ways, both good and bad. Thou i complain about being here. I secretly like it. I hate it when anybody pops out this question "Any plans of going to India??" . Like i don't what to. Obviously missing my folks back home. But I'll only go when i feel complete about going. Until then. I'm gonna enjoy my independence , my chicken and myself.

(PS: I forgot to mention Instant Noodles...Probably my next post !! )

Monday, 10 March 2008


Yepp..It’s been a while (a long while) and I thought I should first let you know how mad I’ve been...

1)Yes I am a Snooze Slave: I shouldn’t be doing this!! Ok... let me set my alarm for 3.30, 4 hrs of good studies and off to office … Well actually, set an alarm for 3.30, snooze 12 times… 12 x 9 = 108 .. Wake up 5.30ishh… feel extremely proud of myself that I’m actually up before the sun. A steaming cup of hot chocolate, Open the PHP tutorial….annnddd… 3 happy hours under my duvet!!! Wow watta morning.

2)I’m so happy today… I’ve decided to treat myself (its ok if I miss my diet 1 day)….Do my list, spend 2 hrs at the mall, cook for 2 more hours .. thats pretty much 11 PM… and I realize I’m not hungry and its too boring to eat all that alone.

3)I’m posting a surprise gift for my mom…. But heyyy did u know it’s from London to Kadayam and for MY MOM. It will reach her without a “To” address.

4)The time is 12 A.M. I’m dressing up to go nowhere. Do my hairs, nails, pick up a top I bought 2 yrs back but never had an occasion to wear it. Feel extremely good.
Take 57 pictures with 21 expressions. Feeling even better…There is one decent looking snap. My day is made. Remove my make up. Hit the bed.

5)I feel like eating “moor kholambu”. Browse the internet. Call up friends, mom, sister. Get 10 styles of the same dish… Northie, Mallu, Iyer, Tamil, Goan . Compile my own style. Ahem… It’s getting too complicated. Instant Noodles will do.

Don’t blame me. In a city where it’s sunny, rainy n snowy the same day and for someone whoz deep stuck in love with her 45 yr old boss...It happens!!