Sunday, 30 March 2008

Its not all that bad.. live in London.

Its Sunday. Slept like a log. Brunch. Call amma and appa. laundry. more laundry. Long Shower. networking.. Bored again. Youtube. Extremely bored now..sleep.

Its 7 PM. I walk out. Quiet stroll. Grab some chicken n chips. Settle near the football ground. Enjoying my independence,my chicken and myself.

I hate to accept that I'm lonely here. But this is definitely letting me know myself better. Loving all this freedom. Not that i was questioned back home. I had ample freedom. But this is definitely a different kind. Doing random things i never thought i would ever do alone. Either ways, both good and bad. Thou i complain about being here. I secretly like it. I hate it when anybody pops out this question "Any plans of going to India??" . Like i don't what to. Obviously missing my folks back home. But I'll only go when i feel complete about going. Until then. I'm gonna enjoy my independence , my chicken and myself.

(PS: I forgot to mention Instant Noodles...Probably my next post !! )


Meera said...

I totally totally understand what you are saying!Well, on the brighter side, at least you are in London and not in Leeds:) Though England is England all the same..

Tie your own shoes !!! said...

@ Meera

I used to live in Bradford until 6 months back. Trust me its no rosy here, all same same..

Tauqeer said...

i exactly know what u talking about :D and believe me u will miss this kinda freedom later in the life...but lets hope future holds better things for u (Y)

Anonymous said...

nicely said :)

i'm glad you're embracing the me time as opposed to crying over it.

what keeps you in London?